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Day 9 – Lesson 14 – PG NEET Microbiology MCQs 14 – Immunity

PG NEET Microbiology MCQs 14 – Immunity 1. A patient is kept on ceftriaxone and amikacin ESBL Klebsiella infection....
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pg neet mcqs pg neet mcqs pg neet mcqs pg neet mcqs PG NEET MCQS  2017-2018 FREE ONLINE SOLVED PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1....
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PG NEET ENT Check Test 21 – Meniere’s Disease and Disorders of Vestibular System

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Profit & Loss This section is quite interesting. Concepts are simple but Questions are logical. I bought a rare...
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PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATIONS PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATIONS    The use of permutations and combinations is vast in...
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Our Students

No matter where you’re located, we are able to provide world class instruction. Our courses are always available wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection and a desire to learn from the best.

The courses here will change your life.

The Challenge

A doctor with just an MBBS degree is just like not having a degree at all. With people becoming more educated and with more people getting access to the internet everyone wants a specialist for every disease. An MBBS doctor is not considered as a full doctor at least according to the common masses and prefers people with a lot of titles. So it becomes a must for all medical student to have some postgraduate degree behind the MBBS degree. Competiton is tough and doctors have to struggle for a long period before they get a degree and settle in life. The quicker you get a PG degree the quicker you can settle in life. To get that degree you have to enter a college and that is through the   National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – NEET.

The Solution

The solution to this is to prepare well for the NEET exam. Nowadays coaching is being given online and offline, but it comes at an exorbitant cost. So here we have decided to help the doctors to get a seat by giving them a free coaching package. We cover just what is needed and concentrate only on the MCQs and have given huge number along with a test on each topic side by side with many mock tests as a whole and in individual subjects. Hope students visiting this site benefit from our efforts. It is totally free. We hope to see all of you shining in your profession. Just you will have to register to attempt our tests try it. All the best for a bright future.

Complete Corporate Identity

We Rethought Everything


Learn from anywhere


Flexible schedule

At your own place

Amazing Result


Diamond course

All subjects covered in detail in a period of one year. The course starts in the month of September till August. Enroll to take up this course. The subject is covered with salient points and all possible MCQs and at the end of each lesson is a test series to grade yourself in that lesson

Gold Course

Here it is only MCQs in each subject along with tests at the end of each lesson. It is for a period of 6 months with two batches one in September and the other in March

Silver course

Here we give only mock test. It will be useful for those who are thorough in their subjects and just want to grade as to where they stand a chance to get selected for the PG course

  • enrolment 60%
  • Website Traffic 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Mock test 90%

Oppurtunity to all

We have been doing this offline coaching individual students in need but now we thought we would extend our services to help all the doctors who can’t afford to go for elaborate coaching classes but still have to get a seat in this rat race. So this is a platform for them to benefit.

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