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0 student Pg neet golden course We have made this course so that it would be beneficial for those doctors who are preparing for pg neet. Here we give only MCQs no explanation or theory will be covered but each lesson would have a test at the end to brush up on what you have read and we also have a weekly test on the topics covered that week and monthly test for the topics covered so far. So doctors please join our course and benefit from that we have made all efforts to give the right answers but it recommended that you also refer standard textbooks and in case of any discrepancy please let us know by sending us a mail through or through our comments section. Any suggestions regarding improvement also welcome. For enrolling in this first register in our website then only you can enroll. Go ahead and register from our profile page it is free and simple

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Overnight Tramadol Mastercard In transplantation reaction,shopp,catalog,cart
  1. white graft response is due to delayed response
  2. immunological enhancement aids in graft rejection
  3. The Eichenwald-silmer effect is unilateral sex-linked histocompatibility
  4. all the others are true

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source site 2. All are true about bacterial killing except
  1. MPO helps in the formation of OCI
  2. NADPH helps in the formation of superoxide ion
  3. chediak hegashi has failure of phagolysosome formation
  4. immune deficiency in brutons agammaglobulinemia is not related to opsonization

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source link 3. A woman with infertility receives an ovary transplant from her sister who is an identical twin. What type of graft is it

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  1. xenograft
  2. autograft
  3. allograft
  4. isograft Ans (4)

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follow url 4. Survival of allograft is increased by choosing donors with few major histocompatibility complex mismatches with recipients and by use of immunosuppression in recipients. Which one of the following procedures might be a useful measure of immunosuppression
  1. administration of corticosteroids in recipient
  2. administration of immunoglobulin in recipients
  3. destruction of donor B cells
  4. destruction of donor T cells Ans (1)

go to link 5. The NBT reduction assay is used to

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  1. evaluate granulocyte function
  2. evaluate T cell function
  3. determine whether PMN’s can produce superoxide
  4. stain B cells

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