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Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery Here it is only MCQs. MCQs have been given from each subject in groups and separately as well. The MCQs for the tests have been selected from the golden course lessons but here we have given in different jumbled ways covering all questions in different test series. Also subjects have been grouped into two three four etc. and questions have been picked from each subject and grouped for a better evaluation. We are planning to give more than 1000 test. So come register enrol inthis course and get ready to take off. Imagine more than 1000 tests totally free all for you try it. If you surpass all our tests your sure to get a seat and breeze through NEET. Some sample MCQs which you would be coming accross in your test series

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  1. Father of medical microbiology
    1. Louis Pasteur
    2. Joseph Lister
    3. Robert Cook
    4. Edward Jenner
      1. Ans (1)
  2. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was discovered by
    1. Louis Pasteur
    2. Landsteiner
    3. Hoffmann
    4. Robert Cook
      1. Ans (4)
  3. Vibrio cholera was first isolated by
    1. Hoffman
    2. John Snow
    3. Koch
    4. Ogston
      1. Ans (3)
  4. Contribution of Pasteur are all except
    1. Coined the term vaccine
    2. Vaccine for rabies
    3. Vaccine for anthrax
    4. Antiseptic techniques in surgery
      1. Ans (4)
  5. Plague bacilli was discovered by
    1. Yersin and Kitasato
    2. Klebs and Loeffler
    3. Schaudimm and Hoffmann
    4. Welch and Nuttall
      1. Ans (1)
  6. Treponema pallidum was discovered by
    1. Ronald Ross
    2. Schaudimm and Hoffmann
    3. Robert Cook
    4. Louis Pasteur
      1. Ans (2)
  7. Schaudinn and Hoffmann discovered Treponema pallidum in the year
    1. 1838
    2. 1905
    3. 1906
    4. 1966
      1. Ans (2)
  8. The concept of simple act of “Hand washing between cases” was introduced by
    1. Joseph Lister
    2. Robert Cook
    3. Ignac Semmelweis
    4. Louis Pasteur
      1. Ans (3)
  9. Cell organelle of bacteria analogous to mitochondria in eukaryotes
    1. Cytoplasmic membrane
    2. Ribosomes
    3. Mesosomes
    4. Slime layer
      1. Ans (3)
  10. Which of the following is not a prokaryotic cell?
    1. Candida albicans
    2. Rickettsia
    3. Mycoplasma
    4. Legionella
      1. Ans (1) All attempts have been made to give the right answers in case anything wrong please inform us through our comments section also refer standard textbooks
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