NEET PG Medicine MCQs 67 – Gastrointestinal and Biliary System Disorders

  1. Lalloo 60 years of age a known case of cirrhosis liver presents with increased levels of Alpha-fetoprotein hepatomegaly 3 cm below costal margin USG showed lesions involving the right lobe of the liver. What is the most probable diagnosis;
    1. focal nodular hyper-plasma
    2. hepatocellular carcinoma
    3. Hepatic adenoma
    4. Metastasis
      1. Ans(2)
  2. The following is the likely manifestation of Acute Budd-Chiari syndrome:
    1. Enlarged tender liver
    2. Ascites
    3. Jaundice
    4. Venous collaterals
      1. Ans(4)
  3. All of the following are important clinical manifestations of hepatocellular carcinoma except:
    1. Jaundice
    2. Abdominal Pain
    3. Abdominal mass
    4. Ascitis
      1. Ans(1)
  4. 5′ – Nucleotidase activity is increased in:
    1. bone disease
    2. prostate cancer
    3. chronic renal failure
    4. cholestatic disorders
      1. Ans(4)
  5. 38 years old man Babbu, a chronic alcoholic presents with pain in the abdomen. On examination and serum α fetoprotein is elevated. the most likely diagnosis is:
    1. Hepatocellular carcinoma
    2. Liver cell hyperplasia
    3. Hepatic adenoma
    4. Hepatitis
      1. Ans(1)
  6. Lithogenic bile has the following properties:
    1. ↓Bile and ↑ cholesterol ratio
    2.  ↑ bile and ↓cholesterol ratio
    3. equal bile and cholesterol
    4. cholesterol only
      1. Ans(1)
  7. Increased in alpha-fetoprotein is seen in:
    1. Hepatoblastoma
    2. Neuroblastoma
    3. Thymoma
    4. Angiosarcoma
      1. Ans(1)
  8. Gall bladder stone formation is influenced by all except:
    1. Clofibrate therapy
    2. hyperalimentation
    3. primary biliary cirrhosis
    4. hypercholesterolemia
      1. Ans(4)
  9. Which of the following statements is not true regarding α -fetoprotein:
    1. High levels are seen in fibrolamellar hepatic carcinoma
    2. pre-operative high level indicated a worse prognosis
    3. High level is seen in stomach carcinoma
    4. levels may be increased in hepatitis
      1. Ans(1)
  10. Stone formation in Gall bladder is enhanced by all except:
    1. clofibrate therapy
    2. IIial resection
    3. cholestyramine therapy
    4. vagal stimulation
      1. Ans(4)
  11. All are features of hepatocellular carcinoma except:
    1. Not common in Asian
    2. Liver biopsy is diagnostic
    3. A raised titer of HBV and HCV antibodies
    4. fibrolamellar type is having a good prognosis
      1. Ans(1)
  12. The incidence of gall stone is high in:
    1. partial hepatectomy
    2. IIeal resection
    3. jejunal resection
    4. subtotal gastrectomy
      1. Ans(2)
  13. About fibrolamellar carcinoma TRUE is:
    1. diffuse in nature
    2. occurs after 60 years age
    3. cirrhosis is the most common presenting feature
    4. has better prognosis
      1. Ans(4)
  14. True statement about gall stones are  All/except:
    1. lithogenic bile is required for the stone formation
    2. may be associated with carcinoma gall bladder
    3. associated with diabetes mellitus
    4. More common in males between 30-40 years of age
      1. Ans(4)
  15. All of the following are true about fibrolamellar carcinoma of the liver except:
    1. More common in females
    2. better prognosis than HCC
    3. AFP levels always greater than 1000
    4. occur in younger individuals
      1. Ans(3)
  16. the most common site for impaction of gallstones in gall stone lieus is:
    1. ist part of the duodenum
    2. IInd part of the duodenum
    3. terminal ileum
    4. colon
      1. Ans(3)
  17. All Budd -Chiari syndrome is most commonly due to:
    1. hepatic vein obstruction
    2. Acute portal hypertension
    3. congenital portal hypertension
    4. IVC -obstruction
      1. Ans(1)
  18. The most common site of intestinal obstruction is gallstone ileus is:
    1. Duodenum
    2. jejunum
    3. LLeum
    4. sigmoid colon
      1. Ans(3)
  19. What is the most common for Budd Chiari syndrome:
    1. right ventricular failure
    2. PNH
    3. the valve in hepatic veins
    4. polycythemia vera
      1. Ans(4)
  20. The commonest cause of Budd Chiari syndrome is:
    1. the valve in the IVC
    2. Hepatocellular carcinoma
    3. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
    4. renal cell carcinoma
      1. Ans(3)
  21. Most common cause of Budd Chiari syndrome is:
    1. Idiopathic
    2. valves in hepatic veins
    3. hepatocellular carcinoma
    4. Thrombosis of hepatic veins
      1. Ans(4)
  22. In Budd Chiari syndrome the site of venous thrombosis is:
    1. Intrahepatic inferior vena cava
    2. Infrarenal inferior vena cava
    3. Hepatic veins
    4. Portal veins
      1. Ans(3)
  23. A 30 years old patient with H/O persistent antibodies to HCV for 6 months duration his AST/ALT is normal. There is no syndrome or stigmata of liver disease. The most appropriate approach:
    1. reassure the patient
    2. repeat titer every three years
    3. Repeat enzymes every year
    4. do liver biopsy & start antiviral drugs accordingly
    5. Determine HCV RNA levels
      1. Ans(5)
  24. Type 2 Autoimmune hepatitis is most strongly associated with which antibodies:
    1. ANA
    2. Anti-SLA
    3. Anti-LKMI
    4. All of the above
      1. Ans(3)
  25. A 55 years old male patient was diagnosed to have chronic hepatitis C. He responded to treatment with interferon. However, after one year of follow up, he showed a replace of disease. which of the following would be the next most appropriate choice?
    1. ribavirin and interferon
    2. lamivudine and interferon
    3. nevirapine and lamivudine
    4. Indinavir and ribavirin
      1. Ans(1)

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