NEET PG Medicine MCQs 122 – Connective Tissue Disorders – 5

  1. What is not about gout:
    1. An abrupt increase in serum urate levels is more common a cause for acute gout than an abrupt fall in urate levels
    2. the patient may be asymptomatic with high serum uric acid for years
    3. Development of arthritis correlated with levels of serum uric acid
    4. uric acid crystals are been by polarising light microscope
      1. Ans(1)
  2. Which of the following is NOT true of Wilson’s disease?
    1. it has autosomal dominant inheritance
    2. Kayser-Fleischer ring is diagnostic of Neurologic Wilson’s disease
    3. Low ceruloplasmin can be found in asymptomatic carriers
    4. Treatment with D-Penicillamine can initially worsen the neurological status
      1. Ans(1)
  3. False regarding gouty arthritis are:
    1. Synovial fluid analysis is diagnostic
    2. Allopurinol is the treatment of choice in acute gout
    3. arthritis occurs after a long attack of hyperuricemia
    4. levels of uric in blood and severity of gout have good correlation
      1. Ans(2)
  4. All of the following statements about. Wilson’s disease is true EXCEPt:
    1. is is an autosomal recessive disorder
    2. serum ceruloplasmin level is <20Mg/dl
    3. Urinary copper excretion is <100μ/dl
    4. Zinc acetate is effective as maintenance therapy
      1. Ans(3)
  5. A specific test for gout is:
    1. Raised serum uric acid level
    2. raised uric acid in synovial fluid of joint
    3. raised urea level
    4. raised urease enzyme level
      1. Ans(1)
  6. All of the following statements about Wilson’s disease are true except:
    1. Total serum Copper is increased
    2. ceruloplasmin levels are reduced
    3. liver copper is increased
    4. urinary copper is increased
      1. Ans(1)
  7. Rhomboidal Crystals with Weakly positive birefringence on compensated polarized light microscopy suggest
    1. Rheumatoid arthritis
    2. Gout
    3. Infection with a crystal-producing organism
    4. Pseudogout
      1. Ans(4)
  8. Which of the following statements about Wilson’s disease is true:
    1. Low serum ceruloplasmin and low urinary copper
    2. Low serum ceruloplasmin and high urinary copper
    3. high serum ceruloplasmin and low urinary copper
    4. high serum ceruloplasmin and high urinary copper
      1. Ans(2)
  9. All are used in the treatment of acute gout, except
    1. Aspirin
    2. Naproxen
    3. Allopurinol
    4. colchicine
      1. Ans(3)
  10. The prognostic index associated with Wilson disease
    1. International Prognostic Index
    2. Nazer prognostic index
    3. hasford prognostic index
    4. halsted prognostic index
      1. Ans(2)
  11. A 60 years old man with diabetes mellitus presents with painless swollen right ankle joint. radiographs of the ankle show destroyed joint with a large number of loose bodies. The most probable diagnosis is
    1. charcot’s joint
    2. clutton’s joint
    3. osteoarthritis
    4. All
      1. Ans(1)
  12. A 14yearss old boy presents with recurrent episodes of hepatitis Ophthalmoscopic evaluation reveals KF rings and serum ceruloplasmin levels are <20 mg/dl. The treatment of choice for initial therapy is
    1. zinc
    2. penicillamine
    3. tetrathiomolybdate
    4. Hepatic transplantation
      1. Ans(1)
  13. Charcot’s joint includes all of the following Except
    1. Syringomyelia
    2. Leprosy
    3. diabetes
    4. Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital
      1. Ans(4)
  14. Penicillamine treatment for Wilson disease should be accompanied with
    1. Ascorbic acid
    2. Thiamine
    3. Cyanocobalamin
    4. Pyridoxine
      1. Ans(4)
  15. Which of the following statements about Fibromyalgia is true:
    1. More common  in Males
    2. Sleep EEG studies have shown disruption in REm sleep
    3. Increased Cortisol response to stress
    4. SPECT studies have reduced blood flow to the thalamus
      1. Ans(4)
  16. Which of the following tissue deposits is called Chalcosis?
    1. Copper
    2. Cadmium
    3. Chromium
    4. Aluminum
      1. Ans(1)
  17. A young tall thin male with arachnodactyly has ectopic lentis in both eyes. The most likely diagnosis  is:
    1. Marfan’s syndrome
    2. Marchesani’s syndrome
    3. Homocystinuria
    4. Ehler’s danlos syndrome
      1. Ans(1)
  18. HFE gene located on
    1. Short ARM of Chromosome 4
    2. LongARM of Chromosome 5
    3. Short ARM of Chromosome 6
    4. long ARM of Chromosome 7
      1. Ans(3)
  19. Wilson disease caused by a mutation in
    1. ATP6B gene
    2. ATP7B gene
    3. ATP8B gene
    4. ATP9B gene
      1. Ans(2)
  20. Marfan’s syndrome most commonly involves:
    1. ascending Aorta
    2. Descending Aorta
    3. Arch of Aorta
    4. Aortic Valves
      1. Ans(1)
  21. A patient presents with Arthritis hyperpigmentation  of skin and hypogonadism likely diagnosis is:
    1. hemochromatosis
    2. Ectopic ACTH secreting tumor of the lung
    3. Wilson’s disease
    4. Rheumatoid arthritis
      1. Ans(1)
  22. Wilson disease caused due to ATP 7A gene is due to?
    1. Dubin -Johnson’s syndrome
    2. Wilson disease
    3. Menke disease
    4. Gilbert’s disease
      1. Ans(3)
  23. Which of the following statements about Hematochromatosis is not true
    1. Hypogonadism may be seen
    2. Arthropathy may occur
    3. Diabetes Mellitus may develop
    4. Desferrioxamine is the treatment of choice
      1. Ans(4)
  24. A 12 years old girl with tremors and emotional liability has golden brown discoloration in liability has golden brown discoloration in liability has golden brown discoloration in Descemet’s membrane. The most likely diagnosis is:
    1. Fabry’s disease
    2. Wilson’s disease
    3. Glycogen storage disease
    4. Acute rheumatic fever
      1. Ans(2)
  25. All of the following are features of Wilson’s disease except:
    1. Hemolytic anemia
    2. testicular atrophy
    3. Chorea
    4. Chronic active hepatitis
      1. Ans(2)

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