NEET PG Medicine MCQs 123 – Connective Tissue Disorders- 6

  1. Earliest phenotypic manifestation of Idiopathic hereditary hemochromatosis is:
    1. postprandial increase in serum iron concentration
    2. elevated serum ferritin level
    3. slate grey transferrin saturation
    4. increased transferrin saturation
      1. Ans(4)
  2. renal artery stenosis may occur in all of the following except:
    1. Atherosclerosis
    2. fibromuscular dysplasia
    3. takayasu’s arteritis
    4. polyarteritis nodosa
      1. Ans(4)
  3. The first joint involved in hemochromatosis
    1. First metatarsophalangeal joint
    2. the second and third metacarpophalangeal joints
    3. Wrist
    4. sternoclavicular joint
      1. Ans(2)
  4. The appearance of Spleen with deposits of Amyloid within the white pulp of spleen is known as:
    1. sago spleen
    2. lardaceous spleen
    3. nutmeg spleen
    4. Zahn’s spleen
      1. Ans(1)
  5. Bronzing in hemochromatosis is due to
    1. Increased iron in the dermis
    2. increased iron in the epidermis
    3. decreased iron in the dermis
    4. decreased iron in the epidermis
      1. Ans(1)
  6. The lardaceous spleen is seen in:
    1. Alcoholic hepatitis
    2. chronic active hepatitis
    3. focal amyloidosis
    4. diffuse amyloidosis
      1. Ans(4)
  7. The frequency of organ involvement in hemochromatosis
    1. Hepatomegaly>DiabetesMellitus>Arthropathy>Cardiac Involvement
    2. Hepatomegaly>Arthropathy>Cardiac Involvement>DiabetesMellitus
    3. DiabetesMellitus>Hepatomegaly>Arthropathy>cardiac Involvement
    4. DiabetesMellitus>Hepatomegaly>cardiac Involvement>Arthropathy
      1. Ans(1)
  8. What is the best method for confirming amyloidosis
    1. colonoscopy
    2. sigmoidoscopy
    3. rectal biopsy
    4. tongue biopsy
      1. Ans(3)
  9. The first organ affected in hemochromatosis
    1. Liver
    2. pancreas
    3. Heart
    4. skin
      1. Ans(1)
  10. Which of the following is the MOST convenient site of biopsy to confirm systemic amyloidosis?
    1. heart
    2. kidney
    3. rectum
    4. liver
      1. Ans(3)
  11. Lallo, aged 54 years who is a known diabetic patient develops cirrhosis. there is associated skin hyperpigmentation and restrictive cardiomyopathy which of the following is the best initial test to diagnosis this case:
    1. iron binding capacity
    2. serum ferritin
    3. serum copper
    4. serum ceruloplasmin
      1.  Ans(1)
  12. Bilateral parotid enlargement occurs in all Except
    1. Sjogren’s syndrome
    2. SLE
    3. HIV
    4. chronic pancreatitis
      1. Ans(2)
  13. Antibodies most commonly seen in drug-induced lupus are:
    1. Anti-ds DNA antibodies
    2. Anti – Sm Antibodies
    3. Anti-Ro Antibodies
    4. Antihistone Antibodies
      1. Ans(4)
  14. All of the following statements about hereditary hemochromatosis are true except:
    1. Arthropathy involving small joints of hands may be seen
    2. skin pigmentation is a frequent presentation
    3. deferoxamine is the treatment of choice
    4. Hypogonadism may be seen
      1. Ans(3)
  15. The causative agent for rheumatoid arthritis is:
    1. Mycoplasma
    2. mycobacterium avium
    3. Yersinia
    4. Herpes virus
      1. Ans(1)
  16. All are seen in hemochromatosis except:
    1. hypogonadism
    2. arthropathy
    3. bronze diabetes
    4. Desferrioxamine is the treatment of choice
      1. Ans(4)
  17. Features of seronegative spondyloarthropathy include all of the following except:
    1. strong association with HLA B27
    2. negative Rheumatoid factor
    3. symmetrical polyarthritis
    4. Enthesitis
    5. Extraarticular features including uveitis
      1. Ans(2)
  18. Which of the following statement about Hemochromatosis is true:
    1. Shows complete penetrance
    2. inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder
    3. phlebotomy is curative
    4. more common in females
      1. Ans(2)
  19. The most common cause of death in Primary Amyloidosis is:
    1. Respiratory failure
    2. renal failure
    3. cardiac failure
    4. septicemia
      1. Ans(3)
  20. Pinch purpura around eyelids is one of the most common findings in:
    1. Secondary Systemic Amyloidosis
    2. Primary systemic amyloidosis
    3. fabry’s disease
    4. Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
      1. Ans(2)
  21. True about Raynoud’s disease are all except
    1. more common in females
    2. good prognosis
    3. positive antinuclear phenomenon
    4. the most common cause of Raynaud’s phenomenon
      1. Ans(3)
  22. A ten years old boy presents to the pediatric emergency unit with seizures. blood pressure in the upper extremity measured as 200/140 mm Hg. Femoral pulses were not palpable. The most likely diagnosis amongst the following is:
    1. Takayasu Aortoarteritis
    2. renal parenchymal disease
    3. grandmal seiures
    4. coarctation of Aorta
      1. Ans(4)
  23. Features of systemic sclerosis include all of the following except:
    1. calcinosis
    2. sclerodactyly
    3. Hyperpigmentation
    4. more common in women
    5. More common in young patients
      1. Ans(5)
  24. All of the following are true about rheumatoid arthritis Except:
    1. HLA-DR determine genetic susceptibility
    2. HLA-B27 determine genetic susceptibility
    3. Anemia
    4. Subcutaneous nodules
    5. Joint deformity
      1. Ans(2)
  25. Which radiological features would help differentiate rheumatoid arthritis with SEL?
    1. Erosion
    2. Juxta-articular osteoporosis
    3. subluxation of MCP joint
    4. swelling of PIP joint
      1. Ans(1)

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